The Next Generation Of Data Visualization

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The images and information here were originally published on the blog. The article was authored by Christine Guzzo Vickery. The image above was provided by HGA Architects and Engineers. To see the original, click here. Designers have often relied on visualization tools to test and refine design ideas. Now with the rapid advancements in technology and […]

Designing a “Smart” Hospital

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The image above comes from It is an example of what a “smart” hospital is and shows how it functions. The evolution of technology has presented healthcare architects and designers with a unique opportunity to unite architecture and technology to better serve the patients and staff by sharing information. The diagram shown here is of the new […]

Healthcare Design Trends

Interior Design Magazine recently ran an article on the 2014 Market Trends in Healthcare Design.  The Affordable Care Act has changed the way designers and healthcare providers think in terms of design for facilities.  Focus has shifted to the following six categories:  outpatient care, workplace design, rethinking hospitality, better materials, integrating nature and flexibility.  The […]

The Benefit of Color in Design Works for Hotels Too

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The Benefit of Color in Design Works for Hotels Too

We frequently discuss colors and their impact and importance in healthcare design, but they are important in all aspects of design. With a big travel weekend coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to feature one of the most colorful hotels. The Pantone Hotel is a hotel of colors. It is located in Brussels and consistently […]

The Impact of Color in Healthcare Design

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The following information comes from the Parkin Blog of Parkin Architects Ltd. It summarizes Parkin’s research findings surrounding the use of color in healthcare settings, proving that color is a fundamental element in design – not only for its impact on aesthetic and technical aspects of human-made environments, but also for its influence on psychological, physiological and social reactions […]

A Journey Through Space + Time

The photos here show the work of Architects: estúdio AMATAM in Linda-a-Velha, Portugal. The  photographs are courtesy of estúdio AMATAM. This location was refurbished and designed to create a retreat for young people, where they could set free all their creativity. In order to achieve this, the designers estúdio AMATAM used color to stimulate the spatial and visual perception of […]

Video: Family Based Healthcare Design

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This video was featured on the Wall Street Journal‘s website.  In it, two experts talk about how pediatric healthcare facilities are realizing the importance of making the atmosphere and environment more comfortable and less stressful for the entire family in order to improve the overall outcome for the patient.  Therefore, they are focusing more on […]