Words to Design By

Today’s architecture and design students need more than the right degree—they also need a broad set of skills and sound career advice. Here, university professors and designers share some words of wisdom that not only are helpful to those waiting to enter the field, but also serve as a reminder to those already working in […]

Understanding Evidence-Based Design and 5 Examples of Its Value

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Evidence-based design (EBD) has become one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare development and design. Why? Because it incorporates design techniques that add tremendous value to the outcome of the patients, their experience, the hospital staff, and the hospital administration’s bottom line. What is Evidence-based Design or EBD? Evidence-based design or EBD, is a field […]

A Guide to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – LEED

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A Guide to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – LEED

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide and it’s becoming more and more popular for all the right reasons. You may have notice LEED Certification plaques hanging proudly in the hotels, airports, office buildings and hospitals that you’ve recently visited. If so, rest […]

New Central Campus Health Center – Chicago

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New Central Campus Health Center – Chicago

An announcement recently featured on HealthcareDesignMagazine.com tells of a new construction project going up in Chicago. The new Central Campus Health Center, an outpatient facility will adjoin John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital. Groundbreaking is anticipated for the first quarter of 2017 contingent upon all necessary regulatory rules and approvals, including the Illinois Facilities and Services Review […]

Virtual Reality – Bringing Healthcare Design to Fruition Long Before Its Ever Built

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New technologies like virtual reality also known as computer-simulated reality are helping to bring healthcare spaces to life long before they are ever built. Interior designers are used to using visuals to help create and present designs. The virtual reality brings it several steps closer. With virtual reality, virtual mock-ups are designed and constructed using software, allowing designers […]

Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion

The new Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion opened in October of 2014 in Akron, Ohio.  This state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind.  The team incorporated both Lean processes and integrated project delivery (IPD) in the construction and design in order to complete the project two months early and save $60 million in […]

The Long and the Short of Designing a High Functioning Hospital Room

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When approaching a new hospital design project, size is one of the first questions to answer. These days, building adequate flexibility to accommodate multiple types of functionality into today’s hospital rooms is a big priority. If a room/space can serve as the environment for several different things, then hospital efficiency goes up and costs to patients go down. For instance, Joseph […]