The Benefit of Color in Design Works for Hotels Too

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The Benefit of Color in Design Works for Hotels Too

We frequently discuss colors and their impact and importance in healthcare design, but they are important in all aspects of design. With a big travel weekend coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to feature one of the most colorful hotels.

The Pantone Hotel is a hotel of colors. It is located in Brussels and consistently gets great reviews. The impeccable design is by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert. From a design perspective, The Pantone Hotel is built on an exceptional use of contrast; a white canvas provides clean space for saturated colors to pop. Click here to visit the hotel’s website to learn more.

1) Pantone Hotel Lobby

Pantone Lobby

2) Guest Rooms

Pantone Hotel Guest Room

Pantone Hotel Guest Room

3) Pantone Hotel Hallway

Pantone Hotel Hallway

4) Pantone Hotel Sitting Area

Pantone Hotel Sitting Area

5) Balcony

Pantone Hotel Balcony



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