Words to Design By

words-to-design-by-1Today’s architecture and design students need more than the right degree—they also need a broad set of skills and sound career advice. Here, university professors and designers share some words of wisdom that not only are helpful to those waiting to enter the field, but also serve as a reminder to those already working in the industry of what it takes to make a difference.

  1. “Travel the world extensively now so you can begin to understand it later.”—George J. Mann, Texas A&M University

  2. “One element of success is balancing experience with taking reasonable risks. This is one way you continue to be challenged, grow, and find work rewarding. Sometimes the risks may lead to failure, but there are frequently valuable lessons learned.”—Frank Zilm, The University of Kansas

  3. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions—particularly good, probing questions.”—Maggie Calkins, Kent State University

  4. “I don’t think healthcare design is for everybody. Hospitals tend to be very large and complicated and their schedules tend to be much faster than some other building types. I would encourage people to go out and work in healthcare design or do an internship to see if it’s something you really want to do.”—Stephanie Schwindel, WHR Architects

  5. “Learn how to do literature reviews. Students need to start learning that research is more than a Google search.”—Nicholas Watkins, BBH Design

Source: http://www.healthcaredesignmagazine.com/article/generation-next-look-inside-healthcare-design-education?page=1