Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion

The new Akron Children’s Hospital’s Kay Jewelers Pavilion opened in October of 2014 in Akron, Ohio.  This state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind.  The team incorporated both Lean processes and integrated project delivery (IPD) in the construction and design in order to complete the project two months early and save $60 million in construction costs and $20 million in the final design.

One of the tasks the team performed was to build a physical cardboard mock-up of each space of the facility in a warehouse down the road.  This allowed everyone from surgeons to senior leaders to patient families to have a say in what was important to each them for each space.

When the facility opened, it housed a 75-private-bed NICU, a 20-room ED with 11 fast-track rooms, five behavioral health rooms, a radiology suite, a three-bed trauma suite, an outpatient surgery with four ORs, eight private pre-op rooms with 18 recovery rooms, and a two-bed, high-risk labor and delivery department with one critical care room and two connected ORs.  However, it was built to expand.  There are 95,800 undeveloped square feet ready for whatever needs arise in the future.

Healthcare Design Magazine has an extensive article on this new facility and how they used these two methods in construction and design.  To read the article and view all the photos, click here.


The Kay Jewelers Pavilion’s backyard theme was inspired by patients’ responses to their favorite backyard elements, including puddles and sandboxes. This abstract tree sculpture brings the backyard indoors in the main lobby. Credit: Blake Marvin/HKS Inc.

The Murdough Family Lobby features a 30-foot-high atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing views of the park and the amphitheater outside. Credit: Blake Marvin/HKS Inc.

The warm orange hues and themed artwork used throughout the GOJO Outpatient Surgery Center represent a child’s sandbox. The waiting area features lockers, vending machines, and a surgery status board so families can keep track of their loved ones’ progress. Credit: Blake Marvin/HKS Inc.


Feedback from families who participated in design workshops helped to shape the design of Akron Children’s Hospital’s new Kay Jewelers Pavilion, including details such as more space between chairs and additional restrooms in the ED waiting area, pictured here. Credit: Blake Marvin/HKS Inc.

Healthcare Design Magazine