The Future of Healthcare Design

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The Future of Healthcare Design

With generations of people turning to virtual life, what does the future of healthcare design look like? The simple answer is that it will incorporate the virtual lifestyle where possible. Some of the ideas you may be seeing for the future of healthcare design are listed below. To read the full article click here.

Virtual Healthcare Design Today

The number one thing that healthcare professionals are beginning to see with regard to the virtual lifestyle is telemedicine. You can have pre-appointment meetings, post-meeting appointments, and so much more. The most beneficial thing that telemedicine is offering people is the ease of contact with a healthcare professional. When you work full-time and have kids, your schedule can make it difficult to make an appointment with a doctor and sit for a long time in the waiting room. Instead, schedule a telemedicine call and speak with a doctor. This way you may skip having to go to the doctor’s office altogether.

The Future

Virtual reality will allow surgeons to see inside a patient and practice a procedure before even touching that patient. Virtual reality can stimulate and enhance any physical therapy session by curating unique and interesting environments for people to experience while in therapy. Instead of a skilled nursing hallway, a patient using VR goggles will be walking a city street or a path in the Amazon. Occupational therapy will create the appropriate environment without the need to “physically” construct the space. (Source)

Mental health and virtual reality are other incredible medical opportunity to enhance treatment. Many virtual opportunities exist. What if anxiety and fear-related disorders could be treated more effectively by placing the patient and therapist in the virtual world to allow patients to regain control over stressful situations through safe re-engagement? (Source)

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Source: Michelson, Charles. “Metaverse, Medicine, and the Future of Healthcare Design.” Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report, 1 Sept. 2022,

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