Why Configurable, Cleanable, and Reinforced Furniture Is Essential in a Healthcare Setting

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Why Configurable, Cleanable, and Reinforced Furniture Is Essential in a Healthcare Setting

Configurable, cleanable, and reinforced furniture is essential in a healthcare setting to ensure the safety and comfort of patients and visitors. Configurable furniture allows for easy rearrangement of furniture to fit the specific needs of the space, while cleanable fabrics and reinforced arms help to reduce the spread of germs and prevent injury, respectively. All of these features are important to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who visits a healthcare facility.

Modular Seating

Modular seating is important in a hospital lobby for many reasons. It allows for flexibility and comfort, allowing visitors to arrange the seating to their needs. Modular seating also makes it easier to clean and sanitize the seating areas, helping to reduce the spread of germs. Additionally, it takes up less space than traditional seating, making it easier to fit more people into a smaller area.

Wipable Fabric

Wipable fabric is important in a healthcare setting because it is easy to clean and sanitize. It is resistant to the spread of germs, making it a good choice for areas where there is a lot of contact between patients and staff. The fabric is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a cost-effective way to keep areas clean and free of germs.

Elevated Furniture Legs Support Cleaning Protocols

Elevated furniture legs support cleaning protocols in a healthcare setting by allowing for easy access to the floor for cleaning and sanitation. The elevated legs also help to reduce the spread of germs by making it harder for dirt and dust to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. The elevated legs also make it easier to move furniture for deep cleaning and disinfection.

Reinforced Arms Help Patients Get In and Out of Chairs

Reinforced arms help patients get in and out of chairs in a healthcare setting by providing support and stability. The arms also help to reduce the risk of falls and injuries by providing extra stability and leverage when getting in and out of a chair. Reinforced arms can also provide extra comfort and support, helping to make sure that the patient is safe and secure while seated.

The Importance of USB Charging Features

USB charging features should be included in the lounge chairs at a hospital because they provide a convenient way for visitors and patients to charge their devices. This can be especially important for visitors who may be waiting for long periods of time and need their devices to stay connected. USB charging features also allow for easy access to power, reducing the need for additional power outlets in the lobby.

Featured image showing a modern healthcare facility with configurable, cleanable, and reinforced furniture of varying widths
Sierra Nevada ENT

Sierra Nevada ENT

The featured image shows the newly designed waiting room at Sierra Nevada ENT, in Carson Nevada. Healthcare Designer, Marie Wikoff of Wikoff Design Studio in Reno, Nevada provided Interior Design and Finishes Services, Selection and Dealer for Fixtures, Furnishing & Artwork, Installation Oversight, and Artwork Selection (Dealer: www.HealingImages.org).

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Marie Wikoff is the creator of Wikoff Design Studio based out of Reno, Nevada. Her expertise in healthcare design has helped modernize healthcare organizations locally, regionally, and internationally, improving patient experience and outcomes. Her credentials include Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID), the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and LEED AP. Contact Marie Wikoff

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