The Importance of Wipeable Materials in the Healthcare Setting

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The Importance of Wipeable Materials in the Healthcare Setting

When it comes to keeping a healthcare environment sanitary and safe, the use of wipeable materials is key. Wipeable materials are fabrics or non-woven textiles that can be used in combination with disinfectants to wipe down surfaces, equipment, and objects in order to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. In this post, we will look at the key benefits of wipeable materials for healthcare environments and how they provide an effective way to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Easy to Contain and Remove Hazardous Materials

The first benefit of wipeable materials is that they are mostly fluid-proof and won’t absorb liquids. This makes it easy to contain and remove hazardous materials that could potentially cause health problems or spread certain diseases if not immediately contained. This means that healthcare professionals can provide a safe and hygienic environment for their patients in no time.


Another key benefit of wipeable materials in healthcare settings is their non-toxic nature. Most wipeable materials are 100% safe and non-toxic, making them ideal for use in medical settings where harmful chemicals could pose a serious risk to patients. This also makes them an ideal choice for use around medical equipment or areas where the equipment could come in contact with any liquids.

Fast and Easy Clean-Up

Finally, wipeable materials are much simpler and faster to clean than other surfaces, meaning that it is much easier for healthcare professionals to keep their environments clean and free from germs and bacteria. This is especially important in areas such as operating theatres where it is essential for surgical instruments to be kept sterile. By using wipeable materials, healthcare professionals can minimize the time taken to clean up medical tools, thus reducing the risk of any infection or contamination occurring.

Overall, it is clear that the use of wipeable materials in healthcare settings provides a whole host of benefits. Not only do they facilitate a clean and safe environment, but they are also highly absorbent, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Healthcare professionals should consider making full use of these materials to ensure that their medical environments and equipment are safe and hygienic.

About the Featured Image

The featured image displays a prime example of wipeable textiles perfect for the healthcare environment. Mayer Fabrics offers two new patterns of PFAS-free vinyl upholstery fabric: Discovery and Shift. Discovery is available in six colors including oranges and greens, and Shift is offered in 12 colors including grays and blues. The Greenguard Certified fabrics are abrasion resistant and bleach cleanable and exceed 1 million
double rubs. (Source)

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