The Sky Factory Does it Again

The Sky Factory Does it Again

Last year, The Sky Factory was featured on the Wikoff Design Studio blog for contributing outstanding virtual skylights that Wikoff used in the design of Hospital de Cancer de Barretos.  The Sky Factory, provided digital moving clouds that Wikoff had mounted above hospital beds.  Research over the last several decades indicates that nature promotes healing in healthcare settings, improves productivity and satisfaction in the workplace, and increases well-being and reduces stress in all environments.

Wikoff prefers to use the artistic technology provided by The Sky Factory.  Efforts combine and help to create a therapeutic, healing, and fun environment for children, family and staff.

This year, The Sky Factory has released new products that are sure to spark the imagination and instigate healing.

The new products shown below are from and may be seen with other product highlights here.


The Sky Factory has launched eScape 2.0, an all-in-one Digital Cinema Virtual Window with on-demand plug and play content that allows users to build a library of multisensory views to nature in a single platform. It brings real-time moving images and sound, in full HD, in a simpler integrated platform that features an intuitive on-screen menu and no longer requires an external playback unit. Utilizing the Red Digital Cinema camera to capture hours of UltraHD proprietary nature footage, eScape 2.0 provides biophilic illusion-of-nature. Available in two sizes, 46” and 55” monitors, eScape features a professional-grade LED edge-lit high-definition LCD screen embedded in a full-size casement window, industrial-strength panels with additional thermal protection, internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics, and quiet fan-based technology. Each system includes 8, 12, or 16 hours of nature footage. The digital cinema virtual window is ideal for various applications including waiting areas, nurses’ stations, patient rooms, pre & post-op and more.


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