Rooftop Garden with Putting Green

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Rooftop Garden with Putting Green

Rooftop GardenGardening can help people heal from sickness and increase their ability to function. What is it about digging in the dirt that’s so helpful? Maybe it’s the fresh air that perks us up. Maybe it’s seeing the rewards of our work: the big pile of weeds we’ve pulled or the row of seedlings we’ve planted. Maybe observing the beauty and power of nature — flowers blossoming from one day to the next — helps us heal. Most likely, we benefit from a combination of all these factors.

Carolinas Specialty Hospital in Charlotte, N.C. knows that a garden and a putting green can aid in rehabilitation.  They are getting ready to make a move to a new state-of-the-art facility nine miles away from it’s current location.  The new facility will include a rooftop garden, putting green and several other advancements listed below.

Carolinas Specialty Hospital is the only long-term acute care hospital which means that they care for medically complex patients still in need of intensive care after being discharged from area hospital ICUs.

They are excited about the new move because the new facility is triple the space and is specifically designed for CSH’s medically complex patients. Elements of the new facility include:

  • A nurse monitoring station for every two rooms
  • 12-foot picture windows in each patient room to combat long-term stay disorientation
  • All new technology
  • Portable i-STAT chemical analysis equipment for bedside lab work
  • The ability to offer services in-house that had previously required patient transportation to other facilities
  • Increased dialysis services
  • Rooftop garden with putting green for patient rehabilitation.

The $40 million, 86,500-square-foot facility is a partnership between CSH and Carolinas HealthCare System, which will house Carolinas Rehabilitation-Pineville in the building.

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