Modern Approach to Healthcare Lighting Design

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Behind the Design, Uncategorized

Design professionals must be able to incorporate new lighting design technologies and scientific developments into their work.

As a healthcare design professional, I know that humans’s perception of light changes as they age. That knowledge helps guide many lighting design decisions. I also know that daylight improves patient well-being and experience but true daylight is not always possible. Knowing how to mimic daylight with electrical light is the kind of expertise that my client rely on me to have.

Modern Lighting Design

Institutional lighting is a thing of the past. The clinical feel of fluorescent fixtures is being replaced with modern lighting design. Modern lighting design features fixtures that compliment the space and light that provides soft, indirect light. The new goal is to create comfortable spaces where lighting isn’t perceived by the user. To achieve this, a designer might hide the light source in the architectural details or blend the light into the building’s lines. The result is soft, ambient lighting that accentuates the architecture rather than competes with it.

Healthcare Requirements

In healthcare, there are two main requirements. Fixtures must be easily maintained and cleanable. As long as those two requirements are met, there is no reason not to use nontraditional lighting options. Providing patients with proper lighting can potentially improve their overall experience and satisfaction. Beyond satisfaction, a well-lit interior can provide stress relief and improve well-being of patient and staff.

LEDs are Popular

LED lighting has been touted as a great way to save energy and a good replacement for the old-fashioned incandescent and halogen lamps.¬† As such, they are being used more and more in healthcare facilities. They are becoming an increasingly popular option for colored lighting schemes, thanks to the technology’s color range and adjustability.

Ultimately, designers can use light to bring a space to life.