How Important is a Positive Atmosphere for Kids?

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How Important is a Positive Atmosphere for Kids?

Jessica, age four, enters the hospital for the very first time. She looks around and tries to determine what happens in this space?  Will it be an interesting place to spend her days? Will she be supported as she is treated for illness?  Can she continue to grow and develop here?

Jessica will discover the answers through her interactions with the physical environment of the hospital. If she spends her day in an effectively designed environment, Jessica will be physically, emotionally, aesthetically, and intellectually nurtured.  This type of  appropriate environment can maximize her healing process and provide a foundation for the development of her emotional security.

Below is a great example of a collaboration between a creative design team and hospital designers team. They came together to create a positive, inviting atmosphere for kids.


The most popular Queen Elizabeth Children Hospital in Berlin, collaboration with Dan Pearlman Creative agency was created a Modern children hospitals which is features a very colorful interior design.

Popular-Children-Hospital-Interior-DesignThe interior was decorated with the design of the story as the main concept.

The hospital is consist of three colored rooms, there are: Sandburg room (sand caste), Palmehutte room (coconut hut), and Klipper room (sailing ships).

Queen-Elizabeth-Children-Hospital-Interior-DesignEach rooms is decorated with a variety of high quality furniture in various shapes, colors, materials, light and fresh air to help provide a positive atmosphere that is believed to help the healing process for children.


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