High Stakes for Patient Room Designs

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Below is an excerpt from an article written by Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor of Healthcare Design Magazine. The article discusses the new expectations for hospital design. Particularly when it comes to patient rooms. Expectations for large private rooms, additional space for families and modifications that prevent infection and facilitate new technology are just a few of the changes that are influencing the design landscape.  The article was featured on HealthcareDesignMagazine.com. The entire article can be seen here

Stakes Are High For Patient Room Design2

Healthcare providers across the country are strategizing their next moves in an industry-wide shift to provide more care in outpatient environments, an effort to reduce inpatient admissions and, particularly, costs—and one that’s taking care outside of hospitals whenever possible.

Ironically, this trend isn’t diminishing the number of inpatient projects being pursued. In fact, it’s inspiring their reinvention. And at the heart of any hospital are its patient rooms.

In addition to the impressive percentage of square footage allocated to patient rooms in any given building, these spaces—and their design—must support a number of shifts taking place in healthcare today, leading providers across the country to reconsider approaches of the past.

As technology begins to play a larger role in care delivery and mobile health solutions continue to be adopted, patient rooms must be designed with adaptability in mind and an eye on a future that’s anything but clear.

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