Healthcare Design Impacts Everyone

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Healthcare Design Impacts Everyone

No matter what kind of design or change it is, healthcare design impacts everyone in different ways. Some designs benefit the patients while leaving healthcare providers with a different feeling. A hospital in Australia did a recent study on this and below are the results of what they found. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Design Impacts Everyone

The design strategies evaluated included that the new pediatric hospital incorporates mostly single patient rooms, a 65% larger floor area, a V-shaped ward design, and architectural features to maximize natural light, quietness, and views of nature. (Source)

Changes to the patient rooms such as adding natural light, making rooms single patient rooms, and adding views benefited the patient. The patients had better health outcomes and were even leaving the hospital sooner than patients without these changes. At the same time, the patients also had concerns about the changes because the patient felt more isolated and didn’t get as much interaction with the healthcare staff as they would have if they were sharing a room.

The Nursing staff even voiced their opinions when it came to these changes in the patient rooms. They reported feeling exhausted and felt like they were being stretched too thin. They had to hire new employees to help oversee the patients. After some adjustments and getting used to the new routine, the nurses seemed to be having a change in attitude.

The Results

At the end of the study, the results were that even though the changes had some benefits there were also some significant areas that needed to be addressed. The first and most important one was that the patients weren’t getting enough time with their healthcare staff.

The study has been done numerous times and at multiple different hospitals and the results were always the same. The patients and families were happy about the changes for the most part and the nurses didn’t like it.

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Source: Sydoruk, Lauren. “Children’s Hospital Design Impacts Nurse, Patient and Family Experience.” Medical Xpress – Medical Research Advances and Health News, Medical Xpress, 10 Jan. 2023,

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