Emergency Departments Redesigned to Capture New Patient Volume

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The article below is a summary of blog article: A New Front Door: Upgrading ERs found on HealthcareDesignMagazine.com. It was originally written by Douglas Banks and Nathan Murray and may be seen in it’s original form here. Photos are of Mountain View Hospital, Payson, Utah and were provided by www.Fairfield-Creative.com.

2A New Front Door  Upgrading the EDImplementation of the Affordable Care Act means more access to healthcare and in increase in patient volume. Likewise, the rising competition among providers to capture that patient volume is getting hotter. One of the key marketing strategies used by hospitals to attract new patients is to upgrade the experience, including in the ED. As volume increases designs streamline to improve workflow and efficiency.

The photos here are an example of Mountain View Hospital in Payson, Utah. They recently redesigned the ER to improve wait times and communicate with patients that they are on the cutting edge of care.

This trend is driving innovation in architectural design and a renewed focus on patient and staff satisfaction and comfort, creating a front door to a facility that leaves a lasting—and positive—impression.

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Source: http://www.healthcaredesignmagazine.com/blogs/healthcare-design-guest-blog/new-front-door-upgrading-ed

Photo: Mountain View Hospital, Payson, Utah. Provided by www.Fairfield-Creative.com


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