How to Design a Restful Retreat

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

A hospital environment is anything but relaxing. Designing a restful retreat area for cancer patients to go in between treatments can be a challenge. But, the end result is rewarding!

Open, Warm & Welcoming

The goal of this type if project is to create a space that is open, warm and welcoming. We want the patients and their loved ones to feel more at home and less like they are in a hospital. Taking that approach helps everyone one focus on the positive instead of on their diagnosis.

Design Tips to Create a Restful Retreat

  1. Use colors that are inspired by nature – namely greens and browns.
  2. Use comfortable, plush materials. Doing this will help make the space a restful place to escape from the stresses of treatment.
  3. Add a touch of glamour with a glittering art piece, shimmering pillow or lighted vase.