A Look Back: Creating a Serene and Efficient Space for Cancer Patients

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A Look Back: Creating a Serene and Efficient Space for Cancer Patients

Nearly ten years ago, Reno Oncology Consultants moved from their previous location to a new 11,400-square-foot building at 6130 Plumas St., Reno Oncology Consultants had a clear vision in mind. They wanted to create a serene environment for patients undergoing chemotherapy, while also ensuring an efficient space for the 35 people who work at the clinic. The result was a beautifully renovated clinic, just a couple of blocks away from Bartley Ranch Regional Park. Despite being almost a decade old, projects like this face similar challenges and adhere to the same principles of healthcare design.

Creating a Soothing and Inviting Atmosphere

“Interior designer Marie Wikoff, a specialist in medical spaces, played a crucial role in creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere within the clinic. ”

– Administration
Photo by Jeff Ross

In the lobby, Wikoff sought to create a soft, relaxing, and calming space reminiscent of a boutique spa. She used a combination of colors such as sage and aqua, along with walnut and maple woods to achieve this ambiance.

Photo by Jeff Ross

The infusion room also received special attention from Wikoff. Recognizing that patients often spend lengthy periods in this area, she aimed to create a calming atmosphere while introducing elements of interest. To achieve this, she incorporated acrylic panels with grass-like patterns and a sculpted shape in the ceiling. These unique design features serve to create a visually engaging experience for patients, helping to alleviate some of the boredom and discomfort that can accompany extended treatment sessions.

Tico Construction Inc. of Reno skillfully handled the renovation work, ensuring that every detail of the clinic’s design was brought to life. Thanks to the collaboration between the physicians, architect, interior designer, and construction team, Reno Oncology Consultants’ clinic became a true testament to their commitment to providing the best possible experience for their patients.

The principles that were incorporated nearly ten years ago still hold today.

A Sanctuary of Serenity and Efficiency

In an environment that can often feel overwhelming and stressful, thoughtful healthcare design can offer a sanctuary of serenity and efficiency. By combining a calming aesthetic with mindful design elements that engage patients, Reno Oncology Consultants created a space that not only met their medical needs but also provided comfort and respite during challenging times. See Wikoff Design Studio’s Portfolio here.

Marie Wikoff is the creator of Wikoff Design Studio based out of Reno, Nevada. Her expertise in healthcare design has helped modernize healthcare organizations locally, regionally, and internationally, improving patient experience and outcomes. Her credentials include Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID), the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and LEED AP. Contact Marie Wikoff


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