Emergency Departments Redesigned to Capture New Patient Volume

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The article below is a summary of blog article: A New Front Door: Upgrading ERs found on HealthcareDesignMagazine.com. It was originally written by Douglas Banks and Nathan Murray and may be seen in it’s original form here. Photos are of Mountain View Hospital, Payson, Utah and were provided by www.Fairfield-Creative.com. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act means […]

Therapy Pool at the New Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in NY

The photo above shows the impressive new therapy pool at the new Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center campus in Yonkers, N.Y. The pool is just one part in the overall goal. According to Elizabeth Seton CEO Pat Tursi: “We wanted the children to have the full experience and joys of childhood,” says Tursi. “We have loving and dedicated […]

The Best Waiting Rooms of 2014

Hospital waiting rooms are no longer “just a place to wait”. Today, healthcare designers are working with hospital administrators to turn waiting rooms into much more. Now waiting areas are being used to make a great first impression, put patients and family members at ease, and get a let up on the competition. Below is an excerpt from […]

Video: Interior Design and the Design Process in Healthcare

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The video below comes from YouTube – Interior Design & Healthcare. This short montage explains the role of interior designers and the healthcare design process. Source: coletterochelle. “Interior Design & Healthcare” YouTube

Healthcare Design Magazine’s First Look: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center

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The article below highlights an Ohio Cancer Center that is in the process of being built. Every part of the hospital is designed to optimize the patient experience. Patient support services rage from genetic counseling, wig shops, massage parlors, prosthetic services to make-up application. The information beow comes from Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor of HealthcareDesignMagazine.com. To see the […]

UCSD Brings Santa to Help Spread Christmas Cheer to the Hospital

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The following post highlight comes from Kenny Goldberg at KPBS.org. To read the whole story, click here. Like other parents with babies in the NICU, Ana Perez couldn’t take her daughter to visit Santa. So UCSD brought Santa to the unit. Nurse Manager Jan Herbert said he took a picture with every family. “It brings a smile […]

New Trend Has Patients Ruling in Healthcare Design

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It appears that one of the unintended changes of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is elevating healthcare design to increase a patient’s satisfaction and therefore, experience.  This is based upon healthcare providers being reimbursed for outcomes instead of services provided.  It has been proven that if a patient is more satisfied with his healthcare, the […]