The Value of Time

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Evidence-based design (EBD) has become one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare development and design. Why? Because it incorporates design techniques that add tremendous value to the outcome of the patients, their experience, the hospital staff, and the hospital administration’s bottom line. In this particular case, the value is time.   The Value of […]

Uplifting Design

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There are dark days for everyone. Patients undergoing long-term treatments may have the darkest of them all. Fear of the unknown, losing the ability to live and work as you please, worry for your family and friends, and the ultimate fear of all, loss of life.  This is a reality. These are the dark anxieties […]

Ceremonious Design

Ceremonious Design

A ceremony is a celebration of a particular event. When repeated it becomes a ritual significant in meaning. The design shown here is no exception. The trees shown here were designed by Tsoi/Kobus & Associates for the Cincinnati Children’s / UC Health Proton Therapy Center. They are very important indeed… Ceremony of Trees The trees shown in this […]

Tips to Present a Stand Out Design Concept to Clients

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Truly inspired designs are the result of experience, understanding and imagination. Below are tips to present a stand-out design and make an impact on your clients. The examples are in accordance to healthcare design but the tips will easily span across all areas of design. Listen Having the ability to listen to the client is […]

How to Design a Restful Retreat

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A hospital environment is anything but relaxing. Designing a restful retreat area for cancer patients to go in between treatments can be a challenge. But, the end result is rewarding! Open, Warm & Welcoming The goal of this type if project is to create a space that is open, warm and welcoming. We want the patients […]

Modern Approach to Healthcare Lighting Design

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Design professionals must be able to incorporate new lighting design technologies and scientific developments into their work. As a healthcare design professional, I know that humans’s perception of light changes as they age. That knowledge helps guide many lighting design decisions. I also know that daylight improves patient well-being and experience but true daylight is […]

Project Highlight: Solace For All at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

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Project Highlight: Solace For All at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

Chapels in healthcare settings have taken on new life in recent years, transforming into more than places of worship. Many of the spaces, outfitted with movable furniture and walls, are serving multi-functional purposes by hosting community events, weddings, and funerals. They’re also catering to diverse groups by emphasizing an interfaith approach. Here’s a look at […]