Two Is Better Than One – Just Ask the Patients and Staff at Carson Dermatology

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Two Is Better Than One – Just Ask the Patients and Staff at Carson Dermatology

When two people get together, sometimes it just clicks. That is true with Marie Wikoff and Dewitt Jones. Their professional collaboration over the past few years has proved to be a win-win for all.

For the last 3 years, Marie Wikoff of Wikoff Design Studio and Dewitt Jones of Healing Images have formed a two-way relationship that has proved to be an all-around victory for all those in their path. Just ask the patients and staff at Carson Dermatology.

Imagine this… A clear stream surging over a rocky floor through a deep forest of green. Grooves of copper-colored aspen trees, their leaves a stark contrast against the bright blue sky.  Fields full of brightly colored wildflowers swaying in the wind… These are some of the soothing images that you can enjoy while sitting in the doctors’ waiting room, thanks to Wikoff Design Studio and Healing Images.

How it Works

Healing Images is an organization made up of world-renown top photographers, many known for their work at National Geographic, who DONATE their work to healthcare providers like Marie.

The donation keeps costs about sixty percent lower than retail.  This makes it possible for Marie to include high-quality photographs in her design projects – despite the hospital’s budget.

Together, Wikoff and Jones provide stunning photographs in the form of gallery-wrapped canvas, metal prints or framed paper prints. Each image can be enjoyed from waiting rooms, exam rooms, nurses’ stations, doctor’s offices, anywhere in the world!

The large photo gallery of available images can be viewed on the website and sorted by region so Marie and other healthcare designers can choose location-specific prints that are sure to resonate and inspire those that see them. The prices are also listed so designers like Marie can know exactly how much the print will be.

Stakeholders Benefit

In healthcare, the stakeholders are the patients, their families, the providers, the support staff, the payers and the administration. In many cases, there is conflict between the stakeholders. It is up to designers like Marie to address the needs of all the stakeholders. That means providing an environment that is high functioning, cost-effective, efficient and comfortable for staff, patients, and their families.

Using prints from Healing Images has helped Wikoff put the finishing touches on her designs in a way that benefits all the stakeholders.

Some of the benefits to the patients when viewing nature images, as opposed to staring at blank walls, include: stress reduction, decreased need for pain and anxiety medication and lower blood pressure.

Healing Images provides the high-quality photographs at truly affordable prices which allows the hospital administration and providers the benefit without having to sacrifice the patient and staff experience.

Case In Point: The Patients and Staff at Carson Dermatology

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Carson Dermatology, a five-physician practice, is the top-rated dermatologist in Northern Nevada. Earlier this month, they moved into a new 13,000 square-foot building at 1505 Medical Parkway. The new location is more suited to their top-rated reputation. The space is about three times the size of the practice’s previous office, allowing it to expand to five surgery rooms and 10 exam rooms and to add a medical spa for an upcoming move into cosmetic services. The office also includes a bigger front office and nursing station as well as a large break room for its 16 employees.

The new building and design can be attributed to local superstars John Anderson Construction Inc., Frame Architecture and Wikoff Design Studio. Together, the team built and designed the building in about twelve months.

Besides the outstanding architecture and pleasing construction, the interior design really stands out as being state-of-the-art.

Marie Wikoff of Wikoff Design Studio worked with Dewitt Jones of Healing Images to put the finishing touches on the state-of-the-art building that those at Carson Dermatology now call home.

Article imageThe images chosen by Wikoff resonate well with locals as they depict some of the most breathtaking scenes that Nevadans love so much. Stunning depictions of local favorites, such as Lake Tahoe, really pop under the natural light provided by skylights and floor-to-ceiling modern framed windows. Desert scenes at sunset and streams that can be seen on beloved hiking trails nearby inspire feelings of calm and gratitude to the patients receiving care in treatment rooms and those providing the care.

All-in-all, everyone is pleased with the outcome.


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