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This Children’s Cancer Hospital is located in a rural community of Brazil. The hospital only serves patients that are qualified as economically under-privileged, and they pay nothing for their medical treatments received. The entire Cancer Hospital campus services 3,000 patients a day and serves 8,000 free meals to the patients and a family member each day. This hospital has recently partnered with St Jude’s Hospital to share information between the two to provide better care to their patients. Mr. Henrique Prata, the current director of the hospital, whose parents started the hospital as a small building in 1962, believes in the same philosophies as St Jude’s. The facility has grown immensely and reaches to serve the rural communities. The hospital provides free transportation to the hospital from these rural communities via buses donated by sponsors. They also have tractor-trailer trucks that have been donated by many companies, such as Avon to serve as mobile clinics that have patient rooms and imaging equipment contained in them. This hospital has an amazing story. If you have the time, please visit www.hcancerbarretos.com.br.

Location: Barretos, SP Brazil


  • Phase I – March 2012
  • Phase II – March 2013
  • Phase III – Underway as of December 2018

Project Cost: $100,000,000


  • Interior Design
  • Programming Consultation
  • Construction Documents
  • Fixtures and Furnishings
  • Installation Oversight


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