Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting Sets the Mood

 Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Renovation Goals

When Nacogdoches (Texas) Memorial Hospital (NMH) implemented a $40 million renovation, which included a new surgery center and Women’s and Children’s Center, it wanted to address the internal appearance of the hospital to provide patient comfort and improve employee recruitment and retention.

This renovation included lighting specifications for both tasks and ambiance. While task lighting is essential in every healthcare facility, NMH paid careful attention to aesthetic lighting as well.

Aesthetic Lighting Projects

The renovation’s two major aesthetic lighting projects included an approximately 13-foot circular ceiling display and 4-by-4-foot wall panels in the open waiting areas.  The ceiling system includes Acclaim Lighting’s AL Dome, a compact RGB LED node, which is controlled by the ART-1024 console, a touch-sensitive, wall-mounted DMX lighting controller. The console includes two lighting control software units: the “my DMX” software plus console software that offers new, powerful tools required by the LED fixtures. The programming software runs on a PC and includes a mini-SD card for stand-alone memory use as well as push-button reset.

Meanwhile, the wall panels, in reality, are light strips that border wall pockets, giving the appearance of panels. The light strips, Acclaim’s Flex II RGB interior circuit strips, provide a combination of high output and low profile for a wide range of cove and millwork applications, controlled by a multifunction DMX controller designed for RGB LED fixtures. It features 12 programmable scenes, seven built-in effects and an internal time clock for triggering. Ambient light and proximity sensors allow the controller to adapt to its environment.

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