Inviting Atmosphere for Young Patients

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Inviting Atmosphere for Young Patients

Going to the doctor or spending time in a hospital can be extremely scary, especially for young children. Having a more inviting atmosphere for young patients helps them to feel calm and safe. This feeling can lead to better outcomes in their health. Continue reading to get the highlights of the article or click here for a study done about the benefits of n inviting atmosphere on health outcomes.

Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic

They provide expert help to children ranging from newborns through age 16 for physical, sensory, motor, language, and cognitive disorders or developmental delays. These services are offered at the new Erie Medical Center. (source)

As part of the new design, special materials and finishes were specifically chosen to invite young patients to relax and play. The materials and finishes include three-dimensional wall tiles, colorful sheet vinyl flooring with a serpentine pattern, vivid wall protection panels, and energetic paint schemes. They were carefully chosen to accept a high level of abuse yet are fun and inviting for young patients.

Over the last decade, the town of Erie has been one of the fastest-growing communities in Boulder County. Lacking existing healthcare facilities, Boulder Community Health recognized the need and selected clinics for the Erie Medical Center through input from community members and leaders.

Boulder Community Health (Boulder, Colo.) opened the two-story Erie Medical Center in Erie, Colo., in June 2019. The 41,650-square-foot medical office building (MOB) provides urgent care services, diagnostic imaging and laboratory services, outpatient pediatric rehabilitation services, and five distinct medical specialty practices. (source)

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