Have You Heard About Minute Clinics and CVS’s Deal with Aetna?

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Have You Heard About Minute Clinics and CVS’s Deal with Aetna?

As a healthcare designer, one of my jobs is to assist in the implementation of new concepts and innovative ideas that improve the healthcare environment. That is why I’m excited about the Minute Clinics and the new programs that are already in healthcare industry pipeline.

Minute Clinics

Minute Clinics are the walk-in clinics from CVS. You can use an app to hold your place in line. Minute Clinics provide treatments for minor illnesses and injuries, health screenings, vaccinations, physicals and women’s services. They can treat you in over 125 ways and they accept most insurance plans. You can also access the doctor via video call from a smartphone. These concept stores are already underway with the goal of remaking the healthcare system.

Deal with Aetna

Just before the end of 2018, CVS closed a $69B acquisition of Aetna in what they call a “Transformative Moment” for the industry.

The MinutClinic concepts stores are part of portfolio of products aimed at changing the healthcare experience by harnessing CVS’ reach among American consumers with Aetna’s data and background as one of the leading payers in the U.S.

Healthcare Innovation Means Savings

That portfolio includes ideas such as harnessing the value of MinuteClinics to include more services such as healthcare screenings and in-store blood testing. It also includes ventures such as a pilot program that allows Aetna care managers to help schedule follow-up visits in Minute Clinics within 14 days of a patient’s discharge from the hospital if they are unable to see their primary care provider.

The company has said it expects to achieve $750 million in savings by 2020 and has already begun reducing corporate expenses in the integration of operations under a single leadership structure. They have also created a combined purchasing organization for stronger purchasing power and are aligning their drug formulary and plan design.

It is this type of action that leads to innovation and better healthcare for all. It is estimated that of the $2 trillion in annual U.S. spending on healthcare, a quarter is preventable. To address that is an opportunity to save tens of billions of dollars.

What it Means for Healthcare Designers

The healthcare landscape is always changing. These changes benefit all stakeholders, designers included. New healing spaces means more design jobs. We have the opportunity to to create additional healing environments that can improve the health outcomes of patients and staff while boosting the efficiencies of the providers thus reducing costs.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Bukowski

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