Diversity in Healthcare Design Means Better Outcomes

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Diversity in Healthcare Design Means Better Outcomes

Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, editor-in-chief at Healthcare Design Magazine recently posted a fantastic article called the Mirror Effect. The article is an in-depth analysis of the current diversity gap in today’s healthcare design market. And, how big industry players are working to overcome it.

Below is a highlight from the article that best explains why diversity in healthcare design will result in better outcomes.

“More than simply earning business, diversity within project teams stands to result in better work, too, the group discussed. For Cleveland, diversity in healthcare design means the ability to achieve empathy by having a team in place that can understand complex communities and design facilities that address their needs. More so, project outcomes can be improved when community members help inform the design, Hallenbeck adds—an effort that can be derailed due to inherent distrust between people of color and healthcare organizations and their partners. “When we’re able to have diverse teams to send into the communities, they’re able to connect and relate. There’s a different level of comfort that exists when you on the community side are not the only person of color in the room, and I think that helps us get the trust and buy-in that we need.” – Group Discussion

As the healthcare design industry grows, expect to see more diversity and inclusion. Also, do your part. Support women and minority-owned businesses, offer mentorship, and start conversations.

Read the original article Mirror Effect

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