A Community Hospital That Truly Heals

A Community Hospital That Truly Heals

Today, I typed the words “design that heals” into Google’s search engine. I often go searching for articles and inspiration that I like to share and use in my projects as a healthcare designer. Today I was lead to a video by MASS Design Group.

MASS Design Group explores how architects and designers can improve the lives and health of people everywhere. The video reveals how thoughtful design can improve the health outcome of an entire community. MASS built a state-of-the-art hospital for a population of 300,000. The population of Rwanda was so touched by the beautiful hospital, they vowed to help keep it up. Oftentimes, they visit the hospital, volunteering to work on the grounds and make sure the hospital garden is well kept.

The People’s Health Improves

Dramatic Improvements in the health of the Rwanda population include:

  • Child Mortality Dropped by 50% in the First 2 Years
  • 96% of People Are Covered with Insurance

This case helps us understand the healing aspects of good, thoughtful design.

MASS Design Group’s Latest Video: Design That Heals

Beyond the Building: Dreaming a Beautiful Future from MASS Design Group on Vimeo.