A Well-Designed Hospital Comes From a Lean Process

Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Featured Projects

What comes to mind when you hear the words “well-designed”? Perhaps it’s a car, a website, a smart phone or even a good suit. No matter what it is, what is that thing that makes it better than the next? Take a well-designed website as an example. On a well-design website, you can find what […]

Uplifting Design

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There are dark days for everyone. Patients undergoing long-term treatments may have the darkest of them all. Fear of the unknown, losing the ability to live and work as you please, worry for your family and friends, and the ultimate fear of all, loss of life.  This is a reality. These are the dark anxieties […]

Project Highlight: Solace For All at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

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Project Highlight: Solace For All at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

Chapels in healthcare settings have taken on new life in recent years, transforming into more than places of worship. Many of the spaces, outfitted with movable furniture and walls, are serving multi-functional purposes by hosting community events, weddings, and funerals. They’re also catering to diverse groups by emphasizing an interfaith approach. Here’s a look at […]

Wikoff Design Optimizes Patient Comfort with a Home-Away-From Home Aesthetic

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The “home away from home” aesthetic is what works best to support the patients comfort and therapeutic advances in health care. To help achieve this goal, sophisticated color palettes, textures and natural light cater to an elegant yet inviting family setting in this postpartum room design. The sky light over the table casts a natural […]

Product Feature: Phifer’s SheerWeave Interior Sun Control Fabrics

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Daylighting is the practice of placing windows and reflective surfaces so that natural daylight provides effective internal lighting and views of the outdoors into a space. Humans are affected both psychologically and physiologically by the different spectrums provided by daylight. One of the important psychological aspects from daylighting is meeting a need for contact with […]

Designing in the Dining Room

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Designing in the Dining Room

There aren’t many of us who enjoy being in the hospital, whether it is for ourselves or visiting family members.  In years past, the cafeteria at the hospital has always left something to be desired.  This is rapidly changing.  Designers are starting to focus on the cafeterias as well as other parts of the hospital […]

Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

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Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

Healthcare Design Magazine recently ran an article on the Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, which opened in October, 2014.  It is one of the first facilities in the State of California to earn the LEED Gold certification.  It is built on 25-acres and has a family birthing center, a medical/surgical unit, an observation unit, six […]