Adding Machines to HealthCare Design can Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Care

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Adding Machines to HealthCare Design can Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Care

Many people today like to have as much control over the things in life that can affect them personally. Adding some extra machines when designing new areas can give some of the power back to the patient. To read the highlights from the article continue reading and to visit the full article click here.

Why Add these Machines to Healthcare Design

In a customer analysis done by the CEO of Pulse, it became clear what needed to be changed. People wanted to have better control of their health. After the pandemic, people are worried that too much is out of their control when it comes to their healthcare.

“The end goal is to improve patient outcomes by connecting various pieces of independent healthcare systems.”

Ajay Panwar, CEO and Founder of Pulse

What are these Machines

To address the growing concern for wanting more control over your healthcare the CEO and founder of Pulse is working on creating a simple interactive system that utilizes machine learning and predicts patient behavior. There will be two phases to building this technology. The first phase is to explain all the options to the patient in detail and outline all risks. The second would include a way that healthcare professionals can ensure that their patients are continuing with the regime outside of the hospital walls.

The stand-alone software could also enable patients to schedule surgeries, manage chronic conditions and appointments, arrange rehabilitation, and reach dedicated care teams if needed.

How far is the Technology

The first phase of this technology is already underway and the second phase isn’t far behind.

As development continues, Pulse continues to engage with angel investors, venture capitalists, and healthcare partners looking to reinvent healthcare and overcome the obstacles causing coordination difficulties and low-value care, the company shared in a news release. (Source)

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Source: Allan, Daphne. “Could Machine Learning Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Care?”, 4 May 2022,

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