A Cleaner Future is Coming

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A Cleaner Future is Coming

If going through COVID has taught anyone, especially the healthcare system anything it is that we can never be too clean. Being cleaner and designing healthcare facilities that make cleaning a top priority can help lower the diseases that people will catch every year. To learn the highlights of how this is possible read below and for the full article click here.

Building in Clean Hands

In healthcare facilities you always see the hand sanitizer machines, but how many people use them. Many people don’t use them and as these machines sit there, they collect germs and bacteria. So, the people that use them are being exposed to the exact thing they are trying to prevent.

Austin-based hand hygiene company Vaask has developed a built-in hand sanitizer fixture that finally provides the answer to our poor hygiene habits. The elegant and effective Vaask sanitizer is permanent, unlike plastic bottles or flimsy wall-mounted pumps; touchless, significantly reducing the possibility of germ transmission; and built to minimize maintenance, reducing the demands on the overloaded custodial staff. (Source)

Making Hand Hygiene Easy

One of the best things about the Vaask hand sanitizer is that it is so attractive people actually want to use it. And once they’ve tried it, the experience is so pleasant that they return to it again and again.

Vaask’s design includes a PalmPilot® sensor that accurately detects hands and minimizes mess. The refillable tank contains up to twice the sanitizer of typical dispensers. And its array of easily customizable LEDs not only attracts the eye, reminding people to clean their hands but also alerts personnel when it’s time to refill. (Source)

Building A Cleaner Future

Many machines or products that you buy today are to be replaced every couple of years. This product by Vaask is built to last, no disposing and buying a new one.

Vaask’s permanent, built-in sanitizing dispensers are designed to help build the kind of future we all want, one where people not only understand the importance of clean hands but step up to the plate and follow through. (Source)

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