Featured Project: The New Stamford Hospital

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Featured Project: The New Stamford Hospital

The featured project shown here is of the new Stamford Hospital – designed by EYP Health.  In 2002, Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Conn., was challenged on a couple fronts: Neighborhoods to the south of the campus were in socioeconomic deterioration, and patient satisfaction ratings had room for improvement. That set the stage for planning a new […]

Design that Reduces Adverse, Preventable Events & Promotes Safety

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The World Health Organization (WHO) states that “No adverse event should ever occur anywhere in the world if the knowledge exists to prevent it from happening.” (World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety Solutions, 2010) Adverse Events that Occur in Patient Rooms There are many adverse events that can occur in a patient’s room. […]

Product Feature: Small Touches that Create Engaging Environments

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Small touches can make all the difference in any environment. Small touches like the ones shown here help create a more engaging, non-threatening environment for kids. Hospital environments are especially cold, unfamiliar and scary to youngsters. As a designer, incorporating a custom wall mount for the diagnostic station is a great way to soften the experience […]

A Warm Welcome – Creating a Positive First Impression with Healthcare Lobbies

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Studies show that a warm welcome goes a long way in one’s perception of quality of care. Creating a positive first impression with healthcare lobbies is the new “must” in healthcare design. Improve Patient Experience Lowly lobbies and stark, noisy waiting rooms are history. As healthcare organizations work to improve the patient experience, these spaces […]

A Look at Strip Mall Clinics

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Modern Healthcare The modern approach to healthcare service is to provide patient centered care. One example of patient centered care is decentralized clinic locations.  Decentralized clinic locations are more convenient for patients and operate at a lower cost. The reduced operating cost is good for the patient because it decreases the cost of care. Because of […]

The Value of Time

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Evidence-based design (EBD) has become one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare development and design. Why? Because it incorporates design techniques that add tremendous value to the outcome of the patients, their experience, the hospital staff, and the hospital administration’s bottom line. In this particular case, the value is time.   The Value of […]

Uplifting Design

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There are dark days for everyone. Patients undergoing long-term treatments may have the darkest of them all. Fear of the unknown, losing the ability to live and work as you please, worry for your family and friends, and the ultimate fear of all, loss of life.  This is a reality. These are the dark anxieties […]