Healthcare Design Magazine’s First Look: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center

Posted by on Dec 26, 2014 in Featured Artists and Inspirations

The article below highlights an Ohio Cancer Center that is in the process of being built. Every part of the hospital is designed to optimize the patient experience. Patient support services rage from genetic counseling, wig shops, massage parlors, prosthetic services to make-up application. The information beow comes from Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor of To see the […]

UCSD Brings Santa to Help Spread Christmas Cheer to the Hospital

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The following post highlight comes from Kenny Goldberg at To read the whole story, click here. Like other parents with babies in the NICU, Ana Perez couldn’t take her daughter to visit Santa. So UCSD brought Santa to the unit. Nurse Manager Jan Herbert said he took a picture with every family. “It brings a smile […]

New Trend Has Patients Ruling in Healthcare Design

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It appears that one of the unintended changes of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is elevating healthcare design to increase a patient’s satisfaction and therefore, experience.  This is based upon healthcare providers being reimbursed for outcomes instead of services provided.  It has been proven that if a patient is more satisfied with his healthcare, the […]

Fighting the Fight In Comfort

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  It’s the news no one wants to hear. The dreaded “Big C … Cancer”. It comes in all forms and doesn’t discriminate. Young, old and everyone in between face it on a daily basis. The treatment that we most often hear about is radiation and chemotherapy. The facilities of the past have always left […]

Healthcare Design Magazine Podcast: 3 Design Ideas That Are Transforming Emergency Departments

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The podcast comes from Listen below or visit Emergency Department Designs are Evolving In this Healthcare Design podcast, Jeff Brand, design principal at Perkins Eastman, Jon Summers, principal, BRG3S Architects, and Craig Pickerel, project manager and architect at SSOE Group, discuss the trends they’re seeing and some of the design strategies they’re putting […]

Health Advocacy Through Design

As healthcare design specialists, we strive to create environments where the best treatment can be given and received. Evidence Based Design Research has proven that natural, clean, well lit environments help heal the sick, calm the friends and families of patients and help caregivers perform their best. Certain design techniques, such as art may be implemented into […]

Sleek and Modern | Healthcare Design

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The photos featured here came from a group/team of designers who performed work outside of the united states.  Healthcare Facilities Magazine author Amy Eagled featured several world-wide projects that included United States Design firms such as Will + Perkins,  HKS Inc., and RTKL. The original post may be seen in it’s entirety here.   The Royal […]