Animated Wayfinding Software – A Resource that Keeps Patients and Visitors from Getting Lost in Hospitals

Endless corridors that seem to lead nowhere…. Poorly marked entrances…. Multiple elevator banks and incomprehensible signs…. Sound familiar?

Hospitals are realizing they have a design problem as patients and visitors struggle to navigate the maze of modern medical complexes. Confusing layouts and signage add to patients’ anxiety at a time when many are feeling ill and are coming to the hospital to undergo tests and procedures. Family visitors face similar stress and anxiety levels -especially when they can’t locate their loved ones.

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What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a way in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place-to-place.

Recently, hospitals have been incorporating new “wayfinding” techniques to help patients and families navigate expansive hospitals. Below is a product highlight that embodies a prime example of today’s best wayfinding techniques.

TouchSource Animated Wayfinding Software

TouchSource’s Animated Wayfinding Software

TouchSource is an industry leader in touch screen and non-touch building directories. The image shown here represents their Animated Wayfinding Software. This software can be used for interactive touchscreen wayfinding or for digital signage and electronic directories. It displays animated paths and step-by-step instructions that can be used in kiosks or downloaded to smartphones and tablets, hospital floor plans with highlighted destinations, campus maps, and more to help patients and visitors easily find their way.

The software meets ADA requirements for accessibility. It’s easy to install and update. Hospitals that use this type of wayfinding solution can ease the anxiety experienced by patients and visitors.


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